June 16

Explore the Italian Countryside on a Virtual Biking Experience



Italy was one of the hardest-hit locations when it came to the coronavirus pandemic. And with travel still on a temporary hold, many peoples’ summer vacation plans to the stunning country were halted. But cycling company ChronoPlus, who had tours planned, came up with a creative way for travelers to experience biking through the Italian countryside.

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“Just like when you get lost on a bike ride and then you suddenly recognize a landmark and realize just where you are, likewise, we felt a light bulb moment, and could clearly envisage the path ahead,” the company said on their website. “We began making contact with other businesses in the cycling industry, sharing our thoughts and listening to their comments. We told ourselves: We will not let this situation stop us from doing what we love. If people cannot come to Italy, then we will bring Italy to them.”

Beatrice Speranza/Courtesy Chronoplus

So, ChronoPlus converted to a virtual cycling touring company taking people to locations like Lucca, Chianti, 5 Terre, and the Dolomites, while at home. All you need is an indoor bike trainer, and a computer, smartphone, or tablet. You will get access to Rouvy AR to ride along the various routes.

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They also created “Made in Italy” experiences where cycling is combined with Italian culture. You can bike through the wine regions while learning about tasting the famous wines of the area. Or, you can learn some Italian phrases during the “Virtual Bike Tour in Italy + Italian lessons” option. They’ve even created a complete with cooking lessons you can take after hopping off the bike.

Beatrice Speranza/Courtesy Chronoplus

“It will be great to share these unique cycling experiences with people from all over the world, even if it is at a distance, anticipating the pleasure of meeting and riding together in the future, along the most beautiful and hidden roads of our wonderful country,” they said.


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