August 6

Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Space Tourism

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The “Thrill is Still On” with new and renewed interest for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Space Tourism.

Video Courtesy of NASA-Imagery 2015.

Simply imagine a peaceful flight in the outer atmosphere as you reach your cross continental journey in a matter of hours versus an average 8 to 16 hour flight. As space tourism continues to develop we look forward to providing you with a unique and similar NASA space craft viewpoint. That’s why Bo’neFly Aero Charter and Bo’neFly Travel Counselors has remained steadfast in our quest to market the realities of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) space tourism.

Bo’neFly Aero Charter and Bo’neFly Travel Counselors embrace a very special bond with Jules Klar of RocketShip Tours; the pioneer of Low Earth Orbit Space Tourism marketing and promotion.

Video Courtesy of Bo’neFly Travel Counselors, RocketShip Tours and the Lynx: 16 February 2010.

It’s amazing to look back at relationships that had developed over the years and remain confident of the decisions made to embrace a mutually beneficial relationship. On 16 February 2010, we (Bo’neFly Travel Counselors) posted on YouTube our Low Earth Orbit Space Tourism Flight offering in partnership with RocketShip Tours. The primary goal is/was to market and promote the Lynx two-seat LEO vehicle… and our relationship with Jules Klar was and will always be fantastic. As we witness the continual growth in Space Tourism, we simply want to acknowledge a pioneer in the marketing and promotion of Space Tourism a friend and beautiful person, Jules Klar our BFF.

Check out the LEO journey and combined video by Bo’neFly Travel Counselors, RocketShip Tours and the Lynx.

Congratulations Virgin Galactic for being awarded the FAA-AST Commercial Operator License.

Photo Courtesy of Virgin Galactic-VSS Unity (SpaceShip Two and Range Rover): 1 August 2016.

Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo, dubbed the “VSS Unity” was awarded the prestigious FAA-AST (U.S. Federal Aviation Administration’s Office of Commercial Space Transportation) a highly sought after commercial operators permit license that recognizes their persistent efforts in making space tourism a reality. This coveted license is awarded after Commercial Space Operators meet and exceed a multitude of rigorous Safety Management Systems challenges, such as:

  • Vehicle design and stress fracture test.
  • Flight trajectory analysis test.
  • A thorough safety management analysis… etc.

VSS Unity SpaceShip Two, we look forward to your Low Earth Orbit-Space Tourism expeditions in the near future.






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